Membership Benefits

CHIA would like to invite you to become part of the organization for only $50 per year! CHIA members contribute to the organization's success at different levels. It is not necessary to live or work in California to become a member. Click here to join now!

CHIA members include interpreters and translators, interpreter teachers and trainers, health care advocates, administrators, nurses, doctors, lawyers, refugee health care activists, and public policy experts. They work for interpreter training programs, hospitals, community clinics, social service organizations, language service providers, government agencies, and community colleges.

CHIA members have the following benefits:

  • The right to vote in Board elections
  • Eligible for election to CHIA's Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to volunteer for CHIA's committees
  • Discounted registration for CHIA regional trainings, webinars, and annual conference
  • Receive email announcements from CHIA
  • Networking with peers via CHIA activities and social media
  • Opportunity to participate in the development of the healthcare interpreting profession
  • Access to up-to-date information on healthcare interpreting
  • The satisfaction of being an involved and active participant in meeting the challenges of developing the healthcare interpreting profession
  • Opportunity to share common goals and a mutual sense of purpose with other members

What does your membership mean to CHIA?

You are CHIA! We need your ideas, your expertise, your voice!

CHIA is committed to be there for you! We need you to support CHIA's mission to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers to high-quality health care, for the development of the healthcare interpreter profession, advocating for culturally and linguistically appropriate healthcare services, and promoting education and training for healthcare interpreters. 


CHIA recognizes the valuable contribution from healthcare Interpreting students to the organization and to the growth of the profession. To support the participation of students, students enrolled in accredited healthcare interpreter training programs may receive  a one-time only,  one-year free CHIA individual membership. The program's instructor must send a list of students (name and email address) to After one year, we hope students will value the benefits of CHIA membership and renew as a paying member.


Corporate/Organizational membership was discontinued. Please take advantage of our low cost individual membership at just $50/year!

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