Interpreter Training Programs 

Whether you are interested on becoming an interpreter or are looking to improve your skills through additional training, there are multiple opportunities and choices on-site or online.

We have compiled a list of training programs as a service to members and visitors to our website. This is just a sample list, there are more programs. CHIA does not promote or endorse any of the programs listed below.   

College Programs

California State University, Long Beach

The B.A. in Translation and Interpretation Studies targets Spanish-speaking undergraduates at CSU Long Beach who are interested in pursuing a career in translation and interpreting in multiple venues, including health care, legal, conference, social service, business, state agencies, film industry. The program requires 450 contact hours. Successful completion of SPAN 312/313 with a "B” or better, or the instructor’s permission, is required for entry into the program. No practicum is required for completion, however two one-half day visits to the courts and to hospitals are mandatory.

City College of San Francisco Healthcare Interpreter Certificate Program
300+-hour (16 academic units) program educates bilingual individuals of both experienced interpreters and bilingual individuals interested in interpreting in healthcare settings. The classes are taught in English with language-specific labs conducted by language coaches in 11 different languages. A mandatory introductory course, HLTH 84 is open to everyone, and is offered several times each semester and each course requires successful completion of the previous course. A 45 hour practicum is required for completion.

Freemont Union High School District "FUHSD - Adult School"
Medical Interpreter Certificate Program

Fresno State-Division of Continuing and Global EducationThis 80-hour online curriculum is designed to train interested bilingual candidates to serve as Professional Medical Interpreters.

Los Rios Community College District (American River College)
Health Care Interpreter

Middlebury Instistute of International Studies at Monterey (was: Monterey Institute of International Studies)  For information about Translation and Interpretation courses at MIIS, go to

MIIS now has a Spanish Community Interpreting Graduate Certificate.

Moreno Valley College
Community Interpretation Program

National Hispanic University
This 480-hour program targets Spanish-speakers who are interested in interpreting in multiple settings, including court, health care, education, or business. The class is taught bilingually in English and Spanish. Formal Spanish language screening is required for entry into the program. A 40-hour practicum is required for completion. 

Ohlone College
ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program

Reedley College
This 300-hour program targets principally Spanish-English dual-role interpreters and bilingual community college students interested in interpreting in healthcare settings. The class is taught in English with significant language-specific practice throughout; participants must also attend a lab overseen by bilingual language coaches. Informal language screening is required for entry into the course. A practicum of at least 20 encounters of at least 15 minutes in length is required for completion.

Competency testing is done both before and after the program. Prior to admission, an interview is done with a three person panel, and reading skills are assessed. After each course, a final exam is given, and at the completion of the program, students must complete a videotaped role-play. This role-play is used to observe student behavior, eye contact, communication and public speaking skills. Participants who pass the final test receive a Certificate of Successful Completion.

San Joaquin Delta Community College, Stockton, Workforce Training Institute
SJDC partners with Apex Interpreters Guild to provide a series of fee-based courses that are not for credit for anyone wanting to learn about a career in interpreting. We offer 5 different 8-week courses throughout the year and they each focus on terminology specific to different industries.

Currently courses specializing in the following areas are held at SJDC on Thursday evenings from 6 to 9 pm- Administrative, Legal, Medical, Forensics, Immigration and soon to be available Sexual Harassment Spanish/ English Terminology.

Santa Ana College
This is a one- to two-year program. The Spanish/English Interpretation & Translation Certificate program prepares students for employment as trained bilingual English/Spanish interpreters to provide bilingual interpretation services in career fields that employ bilingual skills such as business, legal, educational, and medical professions. Written translations and oral interpretation skills will be utilized and developed in both English and Spanish.

University of Arizona, The National Center for Interpretation (NCI), Tucson, AZ
(Although, based in AZ, programs are often offered in California.  Visit their website or sign up for their email list to receive alerts.)

Summer Medical Interpreter Training Institute is a 2-week (80-hour) training. Read more about it here:

University of California, Los Angeles Extension
Certificate Program, Spanish, Chinese, Korean

University of California, Riverside Extension
This 200-hour program targets Spanish speakers who are interested in an interpreting career. Areas of interpreting include healthcare, social service, legal, business, the private sector, the judicial system, education, immigration, and conferences. Spanish and English is utilized within the classroom. Candidates must have completed at least two years of college-level work or have approval from the department. Candidates must pass a qualifying examination to determine their level of fluency in Spanish and English.

University of California, San Diego Extension
UC San Diego Extension courses are open to the public. We offer individual courses and certificate programs. Classes are available online.

We offer two Spanish/English certificate programs, the Professional Certificate in Translation and Interpretation and the Specialized Certificate in Translation. Both certificates offer the high-level instruction, quality course content, and professional training you need to enter the field, certifying to potential employers that you have the bilingual proficiency, cultural understanding, theoretical knowledge and skill set they need.


Private Providers that offer Short Courses:

 Bridging the Gap, at any site This 40-hour basic training targets multi-language groups of both experienced interpreters and bilingual individuals interested in interpreting in healthcare settings. The class is taught in English with language-specific practice throughout. Language screening is usually required for entry into the course, depending on the course sponsors. No practicum is required for completion. 

Trainers of this course are screened and trained in a separate 40-hour course by the Cross Cultural Health Care Program of Seattle, WA. 

Due to the length of time this course has been around, and its well-established program to train trainers for the course and license it to local institutions, this is currently the most widely offered training for healthcare interpreters in the U.S.

Connecting WorldsThis 40-hour basic training targets multi-language groups of bilingual individuals interested in interpreting in healthcare settings. The class is taught in English with language-specific practice throughout. Informal language screening is required for entry into the course. No practicum is required for completion. 

Contact (trainer Julie Burns) and/or PALS for Health.

Connecting Worlds, Central Valley VersionProfessional Healthcare Interpreter Training at Healthy House, 301 W. l8th St., Ste. 101, in Merced, CA
48-Hour Training for Healthcare Interpreters (18 languages)
This ‘cutting edge’ training introduces bilingual participants, who already possess a high degree of proficiency in English and their language(s) of service, to the function and responsibilities of interpreters in healthcare settings. Pre- and post- training language assessments are required. There are daily language-specific role-plays, homework, and practice times. The training conforms to all standards of the California Healthcare Interpreting Association and the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care.

Participants will receive a training manual, handouts, a pre- and post-test, and a Certificate of Completion after successfully completing the program.

The training is taught by Healthy House Within a MATCH Coalition staff at the Healthy House facility in Merced, CA or on location for larger groups. Healthy House seeks to increase the number of culturally and linguistically competent healthcare interpreters working in the Central Valley. Visit us at

For more information, contact Lorena Ewing or Nai Saechao at 209-724-0102 or or

Connecting Worlds - UC Davis Medical Center, SacramentoUC Davis medical Center holds the 40-hour industry standard “Connecting Worlds” training for medical interpreters one time per year.  The training satisfies the CCHI and CMI national certification pre-qualification requirements. It includes: 40 hours of classroom time – non-language specific; activities, terminology review, practice; case studies, role play; an in-depth analysis of healthcare interpreter roles, ethics, legal issues; a full training binder; a tour of the UC Davis Medical Interpreting Department; an overview of the latest video interpreting technology; networking opportunities with industry professionals; guest speakers; a certificate of completion. All languages are welcome!

HCIN Learn
Web-based training from the Health Care Interpreter Network:
Visit to get started with HCIN Learn
• Continuing education for medical interpreters
• Self-paced courses that fit your busy schedule
• Courses are developed BY experienced health care interpreters

The Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN), a non-profit collaborative of hospitals and clinics that share trained medical interpreters over a video/voice network, hosts HCIN Learn, a new way for language professionals to access the training and continuing education that we offer.
A 40-hour course designed to prepare a bi-cultural and bilingual individual for certification as a Healthcare Interpreter.  Upon completion of this course, the student will have received the necessary training to be a qualified healthcare interpreter, and pass either of the two recognized national healthcare medical interpreter certification exams. Students completing the course receive a certificate and will have access to hands on practical real world experience as interpreters in a healthcare setting. It is an opportunity to apply the skills, roles and code of ethics of interpreters learned in the classroom. Students must pass a language assessment and the preregistration must be completed prior to class start date. 

Please visit us online at for a training location near you.

Interpreter Education Online (IEO)
Interpreter Education Online (IEO) provides interpreter training for healthcare and legal interpreters, from preparation to state certification exams to continuing education units (CEUs) and performance tests. In addition to individual interpreters, IEO collaborates with state courts and healthcare organizations to provide quality training and testing to their bilingual employees.

Interpreter Prep
Interpreter Prep's 40 HOUR PREP COURSE (LIVE): Designed to offer PERSONALIZED ATTENTION. Includes Live Online Classes via Skype. Course lasts 2 months. Suitable for national certification exams. Language Specific: SPANISH/ ENGLISH. Classes: 6:00 to 7:30 pm Pacific Time: Mon-Wed-Fri.

Enrollment: NOW OPEN!

Medical Interpreter Training School

Offers a complete online 40-hour course and continuing education classes.

PALS for Health, Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Reach-Reaching Diversity Medical/Healthcare Interpreting 101™: a 40-hour training for certificationThis 40-hour training is designed to prepare individuals who are interested in becoming certified interpreters in the healthcare/medical sector by covering all topics under the knowledge areas that are tested by both national certification written examinations, and it provides an opportunity to practice the modes of interpreting tested in the oral component.

Live Online Training - Interact With Your Instructor As If You Were In A Real Class Add the 16-hour Online Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Training and Save!  

Registration and training details available at or email

VoicesACADEMY is a virtual conference website that gives medical interpreters instant access to self-guided continuing education. Videos with expert interpreters and healthcare providers help interpreters gain in-depth knowledge of theory, medical terminology and industry trends. Activities are accredited by the ATA, CCHI/CEAP, WA-DSHS and RID.

Southern California School of Interpretation, Inc.This series of classes prepares bilingual Spanish-English speakers for state certification in court, administrative hearings, medical and federal interpreting. The Medical program runs 77 hours, the court program 143 hours. Classes are taught bilingually in Spanish and English. Prospective students must have a high school diploma, be fully bilingual, and pass the entrance examination. No practicum is required for completion. 

All instructors are certified interpreters. 

Competency testing is done both before and after the course. The entrance exam is a written test only, while the final examination is both written and oral. Participants who pass the final exam receive a Certificate of Successful Completion and academic credit.

The Berkeley Language Institute
Workshops approved for continuing education that can be added up to meet requirements of a 40+-hour course on interpreting in healthcare.


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