(as of March 3, 2021)

"Connecting Coast to Coast"

Registration questions and overview: 2021 Annual Educational Conference (Overview)

Attendee FAQ: 2021 Conference FAQ

Attendees log in here with email address:

Board Member access to presentations (SEE BELOW FOR MODERATOR INSTRUCTIONS)

You have complimentary registration to the full conference. No need to do anything, you may watch any session by going to and click on "Sign In" (do NOT click on "Sign Up" Use your email and the password is (all lowercase letters): chia2021

Moderator FAQ

  • Will we be on camera? Yes.
  • Will we be on mic? Yes.
  • Can we use a virtual background? No.
  • What if there is a technical glitch? The Slidespiel project manager will be available to assist during each session. CHIA will also have back-up moderators (Indira and Tatiana) on standby.
  • What if I suddenly am not available to moderate for any reason? Please call or text us Indira, Tatiana, Jose, Don or Michelle.
  • What should I wear? CHIA t-shirt or business casual.
  • When should I log in? About 10 minutes prior to the start time of the session you are moderating.
  • When is the session I am moderating? See the schedule created by Indira.
  • How do I know if there will be live Q&A? Look for the * at the beginning of the session title.
  • Do I have to moderate even if there is no live Q&A? Yes.
  • What is my role as moderator? You will be monitoring and responding to the live attendee chat stream. You will organize questions for the presenter(s). You do NOT need to introduce the presenter(s).
  • Who is managing email questions? Tatiana will be on standby to reply to any email sent to Michelle will be monitoring email sent to
  • Where do I get a disco light? Click here lol


  • "I missed part of the session" (or any variation of this) - We need to be clear... it is not the week after the conference that they can watch videos. Rather, they can access the videos beginning the week after and watch them until March 4, 2022. Copy/paste the following: "For all the technical/CEU questions please visit"
  • Technical issues: "For all the technical/CEU questions please visit"
  • Any CEU question: "For all the technical/CEU questions please visit"

Moderator Instructions

0. Use Google Chrome browser

1. Test
Go to the following URL and log in with your email (no need for a password).
Allow access to your microphone and camera. Make sure that:
- You can see a video of yourself
- You can hear yourself back
- All connectivity statuses are 100%
Please make sure that you are:
- At the same place that you are going to be during the event.
- Using the same computer, camera and microphone that you are going to use.
- Using the same internet connection that you are going to use.
Otherwise, this test result is useless.

2. Joining the session on the day of the event for going live for Q&A session with the speaker
- Go to and log in with your email (no need for a password).
- Click the "Stream" button and it will take you to the virtual session webpage.
- The webpage will ask for permission to access your microphone and camera - allow it.
- Our production director will meet you there.
- Please make sure to do that at least 5 minutes before your session starts.
- Mute when you open the live session (lower right icon).

3. Moderating attendees questions
 - Go to
- Click "Sign in" in upper right corner of the screen and log in with
Password: chia2021
- You will see attendees questions on the right side of the presentation screen
- Please don't use buttons in the lower right corner. This is managing interface.

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